Malaika Cordeiro

MBL-Roger Williams University


My name is Malaika Cordeiro. I am a student at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, majoring in Marine Biology with minors in Portuguese and Physics.


My research in the Edsinger Lab is on jet propulsion in squid and pygmy squid hatchlings. I also worked a bit on culturing Doryteuthis pealii hatchlings and building some of the octocam system.


Outside of cephalopods in Eric's lab, I am very interested in everything jellyfish related- species identification, culturing, and fluid dynamics.

I also enjoy scuba diving, and am currently involved a scientific diving course.

Future Plans

In the near future, I plan to continue with my studies at Roger Williams. I am also planning to study in Brazil for a year in 2019. After college, I might take a few years off to gain lab experience and work as a SCUBA dive instructor, or maybe I will go straight to grad school. Eventually I hope to become a professor of Marine Biology.

Edsinger Lab - November 2018