Kirsten Peramba

Research Assistant I


My name is Kirsten Peramba. I am a Research Assistant I in the Edsinger Lab at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA. I'm a local Cape Cod'er from Falmouth and went to Bridgewater State University, where I majored in Biology. I did a summer internship in the Edsinger Lab as an undergraduate in 2016 and then joined the lab in 2017 as an RAI after graduation.

Lab Research

My research is part of several different projects in the lab, including genome, epigenetic, and microbiome sequencing, developmental time lapse, Brain Soup (it's a method for determining the number of neurons in a brain). This last year I've taken courses in FIJI image processing and CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing. I also assisted in teaching the U Chicago Marine Biodiversity and Genomics course with Oscar Pineda-Catalan. And Eric and I designed and ran the Cephalopod genetic tools and live imaging workshop for the CIAC meeting (an international cephalopod meeting held in St. Petersberg FL just this week.)

General Interests

I am also interested in conservation biology and fisheries management. Based on this interest, I lead a lab project we call Squid Monday, which looks at the population genetics of the local MBL squid, Doryteuthis pealeii.

I love the ocean and outside lab I am an avid boater. I am also discovering the awesomeness of motorcycles, including a little Honda TLR 200 named Toaster. I love the adventure of traveling abroad and meeting people of different cultures and backgrounds. I'm currently super excited to be going to Cuba, and just winging out outside an initial AirBnB after landing.


Future Plans

In the coming year I plan to submit papers on Squid Monday and other research projects I have been involved in. Beyond that I am considering graduate school in conservation biology or related areas. Not sure if I want to do a traditional academic track for my career, or maybe something more hands on in government or with NGOs directly invested in preservation and maintenance of biodiversity and Nature's intersection with society.

When I'm not busy IRLing - you can find me ONLINE.

Edsinger Lab - November 2018