Jonathan Marvel-Zuccola

Summer Intern
MBL-High School


My name is Jonathan Marvel-Zuccola. I am a senior at Beaver Country Day School in Chesnut Hil, MA. I am from outside Boston.


My research in the Edsinger lab involved helping set up the Octocam system, performed in vitro fertilization of Doryteuthis squid and I had an independent bioinformatics project involving looking for contaminating viral sequences in the octopus genome that could potentially be used for new vectors of infection.


I am also interested in developmental biology, virology, and emerging pathogens.

Outside of the biological sciences, my research interests are ethnomusicology and 20th-century French classical music like Debussy and Messiaen. In physics and mathematics, I am extremely interested in topology especially multidimensional topology as it applies to string theory.

Future Plans

My future plans in the next 6-12 months are to win Massachusetts Mock Trial championship, graduate high school and go to a wonderful college as well as sing in an opera.

In one to three years I hope to continue pursuing research, create a chapbook of poetry, learn about the applications of p-adic geometry in number theory, study marine biology either at sea or a research station like the MBL and travel.

In 3-5 years I hope to graduate college, pursue graduate studies, be acknowledged for my research in some field, adopt and train a german shepherd.

I am also interested in possibly going abroad for graduate school.

Edsinger Lab - November 2018